Who we are

Mishol Nadlan - Dirot David, is one of the senior real-estate businesses in Bat Yam. The company had been established by Mr. David Rosen at 1973 and expertises in the real-estate region ever since. The company offers proficiency, expertise and a deep business knowledge based on many years of experience. Since established, the company served thousands of customers, for which it handles all business aspects, as per their needs.

The company has recently increased its range of activities in order to serve the special needs of investors in Bat Yam. Today we offer investors with an attractive package of services tailored to the individual needs of the investor, including proper asset locating, through managing negotiations, in-house legal assistance, mortgage consulting and assistance, contract signing to locating and qualifying proper renters.
Our experience and long-term familiarity with the local population ensures optimal multi-aspect handling of the property and reliable renters, while securing the interests of the asset owner.

The company team is based on six top-skilled professionals in Bat Yam local investments. The team operates in devotion and responsibility to the property owners' financial security and peace of mind.

Why work with us?

Mishol Nadlan - Dirot David is the leading real-estate agency in Bat Yam.
Asset selling is a complicated transaction which involves commercial and legal aspects. Such highly significant deal has to be delt with responsibility, with a deep market understanding, investment area knowledge, taxing and other related aspects. Large amounts of money are involved, and a professional care has to be taken as a major measure in selling a property.
We will accurately evaluate your asset's market value due to an outstanding familiarity with the dynamic price levels, geographical region, related and similar assets, monicipal development plans and more.
Our team will act to achieve the best possible return for your property and to locate an appropriate purchaser in short time.

Mr. David Rosen, Founder

Our advantages

  • One of the senior real-estate companies in Bat Yam
  • Thousands of customers inventory
  • Tight relations with investor reps countrywide
  • Effective potential purchaser selection
  • High skill and expertise; Vast law and business knowledge
  • In-house lawyers team
  • Cost-free mortgage solutions
  • Bureaucratic issues handling